Friday, June 5, 2009

Why go to Starbucks on Friday Nite You Ask.

So.....this is my very first post and I'll keep it short I promise. I'm still trying to get use to Blogger. This shouldn't be as complicated as it is.
Okay, so I was at home particular reason, well there's always a reason for anything we do isn't there but I'm not to go there tonight. I really wasn't in the mood for the corporate world today so I took the day off. I was told something by someone recently that is really making me think hard about my life and want I REALLY want to do with it. It's a big ol world out there just waiting for me to grab a piece of it. I really don't know why I'm where I am all aspects of my life. I should doing what everyone else is. Grabbing my piece of it. So, that's what I'm going to do. I'm in the planning stage. I've set a goal. Time to execute it.

I know the title of this post may be a bit confusing because it doesn't have anything to do with Starbucks. It's the last IM I got from a person I've sorta insinuated myself on and it kinda stuck. He's really a nice guy...very genuine and he's all over the place, literally. I like him a liiiittle more than I should but that's another story. So W, why Starbucks on a Friday Nite? Simple, because I wanted to. =)

Later guys.......


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