Monday, June 8, 2009


I did it guys. I finally got a decent, a truly decent night shot. It was an adventure though and I'm surprised I didn't ruin my camera in the process. It happened over a period of two days because of the rain....yes, it's still raining here. I am sooo over all this rain. My backyard is flooded, I had a freakin' strange big ass bird out there eating God know what oh, and don't forget the snakes. That's right...snakes, the cat brings them in....dumb cat. Anyway, I'm getting off the subject. I'm so excited about my shots. As I said it took over a period of two days. The first day it rained...not so hard to where I was afraid I'd ruin my camera so I went over to my favorite spot by the river. There is a neat little bed and breakfast place over in Riverside and right behind it a little ways down is a great view of the skyline. Not a perfect view mind you, but good enough. The perfect view would be from the bridge and as I stated in my first post I really didn't want to get hit or arrested for that matter for pulling over in a non-stop place, jumping out and taking pictures. I can see the headlines now. "A Jacksonville woman struck and killed for her love of photography"...yeah, that would suck.
Anyway...I set up my tripod and started to take my photos. Snap. Snap. Snap. I took three shots as the rain started to some down a little harder. I packed my camera and tripod in the car and went to my next destination, under the bridge. I figured I wouldn't get wet under the bridge so off I went. I got there and turned in the parking area. There were a lot of cars there. I thought they belonged to the employees of the company next to the bridge. I drove a little further in and saw a bunch people sitting at tables....eating? Eating, in the rain? WTF are people doing under the bridge, sitting at tables, and eating in the rain.

I left. Went back the next night and got my shots. They weren't too bad I guess, but not great. I wanted to get the effect of the lights under each piling going straight across the water. I don't know....

What I do know is I need some instructions. Yeah, I have books and books and more books but I need more. I have no idea what the hell I'm doing. My camera is on auto all the time except for this night thing I attempted. I would like to get out of the auto mode for once. I know one person I can probably talk to, Derek, whose a photographer. He's into portraits and does a damn good job at them. He lives here in Jax which is a plus. I was thinking about the New York Institute of Photography but I was told by another friend and I use that term loosely, that this was probably not the best thing to do. He's a photographer also but I think I burnt my bridges with him. He went cold and distant on me. I can be kind of pushy at times. Something I'm working on.

Next up sunsets, sunrises and the moon. Which means I'll probably have to get a hotel room on the beach one not a problem. =)
Later guys....

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  1. Yes, I'd say you got those shots wonderfully. My fave is the second one--I love the ripple effects of the lights on the water.

    And you really shouldn't let anyone tell what to do or what not to do. If you want to go to Uni, GO. It's your life, your dream, and you're the only one who has to answer to yourself.