Saturday, June 6, 2009

Tripods, 35mm's and Trying Not To Get Arrested

So, I was up kinda early today. It's Saturday with a mixture of blue skis and darkening clouds. It's actually kind of pretty.

While I was out last night, since and since I did have my camera with me I decided to try my hand at some night shots...umm...disasterous. This is my very first digital camera, a Canon Powershot S3 IS and I noticed on the bottom that it does have a mount for a, as I happen to have one. I bought it sometime ago when I purchased my very first good quality 35mm, a Canon EOS Rebel GII. I barely know how to use the digtal I have and now I want an upgrade, either another Canon or a Nikon. Anyway, I'm getting of track. I went to dig out my tripod and find the screw in thingy on my 35mm. I retrieved both and fixed it my digital...perfect fit.

I took some shots last night as I said with my digital on the night scene mode. They ALL came out blurred and I figured the answer was my tripod. Jacksonville is really very pretty from the location I was at trying to capture these doomed night shots from so I think I will try again tonight with the tripod and some cramming from my photography books. If I can just get on the bridge at night on foot would be perfect but I really don't want to get hit or worse...arrested. =P
Later guys...

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